What is the employment contract?


Contracts and changing terms and conditions

The contract of employment is the foundation of the employment relationship. It sets out the 'bargain struck' between the employer and the employee, including both side's rights and responsibilities. The importance of the 'contract' means there are many considerations. To be effective, 'contracts' must be legally compliant, protect the business and set out the terms and conditions in clear, unambiguous terms.

But there are other considerations. The employment relationship and business requirements are constantly evolving, so there is a need to build in flexibility. The documents must be reviewed regularly to ensure they remain legally compliant and relevant to operational needs.  And finally, a 'contract' is made up of many elements from different sources unless all the terms are set out in one document - so will you have a statement of terms and conditions or an all-embracing contract? Our team can assist by:

  • Conducting contract audits
  • Ensuring compliance with the legislation
  • Advising on terms to protect the business, eg confidentiality and non-competes
  • Providing contractual terms which are employer unique, e.g. bonuses
  • Advising on contractual change