Case Studies For Individuals


Advised a senior banker on re-negotiation of multi million pound cash retention and stock option arrangements.

Executive (insurance company)

Insurance company agreed settlement of over £250k. Senior executive treated very badly at work and had his high-level role severely curtailed. Advised on the submission of a grievance and a potential constructive unfair dismissal claim. Detailed advice on tactics to achieve this favourable settlement.


We helped a new mother secure an increased redundancy pay out, based on a discrimination claim. Whilst on maternity leave her job had effectively been reduced so on her return she found herself less useful to her employer and at a higher risk of selection for redundancy as a result. We supported her to argue successfully for an increased redundancy payment. She tripled it.

Executive (manufacturing company)

Issued proceedings in the county court and we recovered high damages for the client. Acted for a senior executive in a breach of contract claim against one of the largest private manufacturing groups in the UK. The employer reneged on our client’s employment contract only weeks before he was due to start. The employer company denied any liability and refused to engage in discussions with our client. Determined action brought about this excellent result for our client.

Official (charity)

Successfully helped an official in his claim against a major worldwide charity. Allegations of misconduct led to him facing the loss of not only his job (with retirement only a couple of years away) but, much more worrying for him, also his pension and subsidised housing during his retirement. After assisting him through a long and complicated appeal procedure, we were successful in supporting him to retain a different job with the charity up to retirement as well as his subsidised housing and a full pension.

Executive (charity)

We were able to support our client through a very difficult time and achieved a great result for his stress claim: a substantial ill health early retirement pension with minimal restrictions, enabling our client to begin building up his work as began to recover. This senior executive worked for a very well-known and long-established charity. The medical evidence was complex and timing was key in securing the best outcome for our client.

Surveyor (Chartered Surveyors)

We obtained an attractive settlement for our client with a good reference.
Our client was a senior surveyor who had been dismissed on the spot for alleged gross misconduct. The employers refused to engage sensibly in negotiations, so we issued a claim in the employment tribunal for unfair dismissal and discrimination. The settlement we achieved enabled our client to move on from this distressing episode without any pressures.

Lecturer (University)

We settled this claim through out of court mediation and achieved a fantastic result for our client who obtained 7 times net salary. The Employment Tribunal claim against four Respondents (including a University) raised complex allegations about sex, disability and race discrimination. Our client was still employed when the claim was filed and had previously filed a grievance, which was not followed up. The Claimant had also been denied promotion for many years and excluded from certain committees.

Group of Fund Managers (Bank)

Acted for a group of employees whose business was being converted to an LLP. Advised on LLP agreement and implications of transferring into such a structure and consequences of leaving. Practical advice and careful drafting to achieve what the clients wanted.

Partners in Magic Circle Law Firm

Acted for several partners on their retirement from a magic circle law firm. Advised in detail on retirement provisions in partnership deed.

European Marketing Manager (Media Entertainment)

Settled matter out of court for a third of the amount claimed. Our client had been sued in the County Court by his ex employer for the claw back of his salary during several unauthorised periods of absence.

Founding Member (Online Retail Company)

Acted for one of the founding members of an online retail company who was leaving. Complex negotiations re waiver of provisions in articles of association to permit client to retain his stock options.

CEO (Airline company)

Acted for CEO of airline company who left to find another post. Complex stock option issues.

Head of Internal Audit (Large Multinational)

Advised an individual Claimant on the consequences of making protected disclosures.

Marketing Manager (Law Firm)

We successfully negotiated an excellent settlement for our client who was due to return to work after maternity leave. During her leave our client found out (after the event) that her department had been restructured. The consequences of the reorganisation were that she had been effectively demoted: she had lost a direct report and her job had been reduced in size and responsibility. Our client who did not want to return to her reduced role was delighted with the settlement.

Shipping Manager

Advised on whistleblowing and age discrimination. Filed a claim in the Employment Tribunal. Client won on liability: i.e. he was dismissed because of age discrimination.

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