Employment Lawyers in London

Have you ever felt discriminated against at work?


Do you dread going into work because of your colleagues?


Have you been unfairly dismissed?


Are you owed wages from your previous employer?                                                                                


Do you have ailments preventing you from performing tasks at work?


Struggling to know what to do next or how to proceed?

Employment Lawyers in London

Whether you are the employer or the employee, you are entitled to understand your rights under the UK Labour Laws, so if you need employment-related experts, SW19 Lawyers are the professional and qualified service that could be the right choice for you.

Our specialist employment lawyers work with individuals and businesses on settlement agreements, unfair dismissals and any other discrepancies that might need legal guidance, mediation or advice relating to the disputative relationship between employee/employer.

Your situation can be cause for great emotion; leaving you stressed, with low self-esteem and no confidence to battle your corner of events. This is not only understandable but also is a good reason to seek advice. Involving a professional party that can stay impartial is key. Our highly skilled solicitors work to ensure our client is presented and incomplete understanding of their rights.

You might be surprised by what you didn’t know.

Contract issues, dismissals, maternity/paternity leave concerns, entitlements, redundancies, retirement plans, grievances or terminations. So whether the company is small, medium-sized or large, national or international; providing our clients with practical solutions and the results they are entitled to be our absolute first priority.

Every one of our client's circumstances is different, so our bespoke service works uniquely and individually to your case.