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Employment Law: Why it exists?

Employment Law: Why it exists?


Although the history of labor laws started long before, the 19th century was an incredibly active time for people working in the UK. In 1875, deeds such as the Master and Servant Act and the Employers and Workmen Act in the same year became a true symbol and a powerful source of recognition that a greater level of protection was required to ensure the health and safety of workers as well as a proper and serious understanding of unfair practices that occurred in the workplace.


After these strong and powerful reflections of UK labour were brought to light, people began realising that they deserved fair rights in workplace and while we are still striving for perfection, we have come along way. Employment Law has long been one of the most vital and relevant services in the pursuit of equality, fairness and high standards of health and safety for workers and employers in all industries.


In truth, whether we are actively seeking support for a case of unfair treatment in the workplace or not, employment law is and should be working for us all the time. That is the beauty of its evolution.

Employment Law

Employment law works during the hiring process, in your breaks and holiday allowance; it is part of your maternity leave entitlement, sick days, redundancy packages and salary discrepancies.


What is Employment Law?

It is the relationship between the employer and employee. It is the regulation of communication, of knowing your rights, of refusing to do work that is deemed unsafe, illegal or discreditable. It is the assurance of appropriate treatment and mutual understanding. It is the thread that ensures employers and employees are treated well, safely and in direct alignment with the law.

Employment Law is broad and complex and applies to so many parts of your day to day routine, so having support when needed can make all the difference between getting what you are entitled to and what you actually get.


How Seeking Professional Advice Could Make All the Difference

Laws and legislations change, entitlements vary and circumstances can be unique to your situation; finding a third party to work on your behalf can give unbiased proof, the benefit of not getting emotionally involved, of understanding the rights as they lay before you and provide sound guidance, mediation, advice and direction.


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